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Let's Buy A Mountain - Endorsement Quotes

"As a music lover, Laurel Canyon has always had a special place in my heart…dare I say a sacred place and preserving Laurel Canyon's nature and open space is a critical part of preserving its history. Joni Mitchell nailed it when she wrote, “Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got ‘til it's gone, they paved paradise and put up a parking lot”. We know what we’ve got. Let’s protect it.”
 — Gary Calamar, KCRW DJ and Grammy Award nominated film and television music supervisor

"I strongly support the joint effort to purchase this important 17-acre parcel of open space in the heart of the Lookout Mountain-Stanley Hills habitat block in our Hollywood Hills. Opportunities like this come along only rarely, and, when they do, we have to take advantage of them. By purchasing and preserving this open space and wildlife habitat, we are investing in the future - of our region, and of our planet.”
 — Supervisor Sheila Kuehl, Los Angeles County Third District

“Significant parkland acquisitions have always been instigated by members of the public and community based organizations. I salute these community leaders for taking the initiative to preserve what’s left of the rapidly vanishing hillside environment in the city of Los Angeles.”
 — Prof. Zev Yaroslavsky, former member of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors from District 3

"Every habitat block in the eastern Santa Monica Mountains plays a role in the maintenance of mule deer, bobcat, grey fox, and coyote populations east of the San Diego freeway. The  55-acre Lookout Mountain – Stanley Hills habitat block is a primary component of this habitat system.  The subject 17-acre property is the core ownership in the habitat block. It also functions as a habitat linkage hub that ties together a major, commonly viewed habitat area along Laurel Canyon Boulevard and multiple habitat blocks above the Sunset Plaza area. The southernmost wildlife crossing opportunity along Laurel Canyon Boulevard stems from the subject ownership.  The long-term presence of larger mammal species in the mountain range between Laurel  Canyon and Griffith Park depends on permanent protection of this 17-acre property. Such permanent protection can come from Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority ownership and maintenance of the 17 acres as well as from additional properties added over time.”
 — Paul Edelman, Chief of Natural Resources and Planning for the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority


“Protecting open space is critically important here in Los Angeles, one of the most park-poor cities in the nation. For decades, the people of Los Angeles have been impoverished by leaders who have consistently chosen development over conservation. Today’s remarkable announcement is a key step toward redressing this theft of our natural resources.”
 — Damon Nagami, Director of the Natural Resources Defense Council’s Southern California Ecosystems Project


“The Sierra Club Santa Monica Mountains Task Force supports your effort to acquire this important piece of open space land which will provide valuable wildlife habitat in a urban world.”
 — Jim Hines, Chair, Sierra Club California/Nevada Wildlife Team


"Here is an easy way to make a difference for wildlife in Los Angeles-preserving this scarce open space that will permanently protect their home. We've taken so much habitat from our wildlife neighbors and they have little refuges left in this highly urbanized area. I commend CLAW and the Laurel Canyon Association for their campaign to “buy a mountain" and help ensure wild things have a future in the area."
— Beth Pratt, California Director, National Wildlife Federation


“We should seize the opportunity to protect natural lands in neighborhoods, from the 17-acres in Laurel Canyon to the smallest fragment.  These are the places that enrich local biodiversity and enhance the quality of life for residents, wherever they are found."  
— Travis Longcore, Ph.D., Science Director, The Urban Wildlands Group


"I’ve been partnering with CLAW for several years now on a few efforts that this purchase will greatly assist.  We’ve been working on creating a wildlife corridor up here in the hills, so that the wildlife with whom we share our City can come and go as they please.  For one famous instance, so that our famous mountain lion, P-22, can one day get out of Griffith Park, go meet P-23 and make P-24.  But also so that the rest of our deer and bobcats and coyotes can stop inbreeding meet some healthier mates.


This purchase will also benefit our BioDiversify LA effort.  Los Angeles is part of the California Floristic Province, one of only 33 biodiversity hotspots in the entire world.  To be named a biodiversity hotspot, an area has to contain species and plant life that cannot be found anywhere else, which means it is vitally important to protect the areas where they live.  We have launched an effort to identify and protect the remarkable biodiversity in Los Angeles.  The purchase of this remarkable piece of land will give our wildlife more habitat, more protection and will give us human creatures valuable open space in our concrete jungle.

I congratulate and applaud CLAW, the Laurel Canyon Association, the Mountains Recreations & Conservation Authority and the Laurel Canyon Land Trust for this amazing effort.  I am fully supportive and am happy to help out however I can."
 — Paul Koretz, LA City Councilmember, 5th district



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